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Find my electorate: Adelaide

Federal Electorate: ADELAIDE

Member:Steve GEORGANAS

Party represented at the last federal election: ALP

More information about the electorate of Adelaide

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Where a locality has no Federal Electorate, it is a generic region name. Choose one of the Other Locality(s) found in the region to identify the Federal Electorate.

Note: In some cases a locality/suburb or postcode may be in more than one federal electorate. If this is the case, please contact the AEC to confirm which federal electorate you live in.

Electorate results below reflect electorates that will be in place at the next federal election.

Despite electorate changes, your local member remains the person elected on the electorates in place at the previous federal election or subsequent by-election.

SA ADELAIDE5000Adelaide 
SA ANGLE PARK5010Adelaide 
SA ASHFORD5035Adelaide 
SA BLAIR ATHOL5084Adelaide 
SA BOWDEN5007Adelaide 
SA BROADVIEW5083Adelaide 
SA BROMPTON5007Adelaide 
SA CLEARVIEW5085Adelaide 
SA COWANDILLA5033Adelaide 
SA CROYDON5008Adelaide 
SA CROYDON PARK5008Adelaide 
SA DEVON PARK5008Adelaide 
SA DUDLEY PARK5008Adelaide 
SA EASTWOOD5063Adelaide 
SA ENFIELD5085Adelaide 
SA EVERARD PARK5035Adelaide 
SA FITZROY5082Adelaide 

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This page last updated  11 July 2024

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